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Accellera Tyre Fill

Commonly referred to as foam fill, tyre fill, as well as poly fill, Accellera's tyre flatproofing products reduce downtime related to punctured or flat tyres.
+ Our Committment

GC Tyres use the most modern equipment and fully trained technicians to give you peace of mind.

+ Any Size of Job

Our state of the art workplace is large enough to accommodate larger vehicles.

+ Commercial ReTreading

Retreading tyres is environmentally friendly and can save your business lots of money.

E-Treads Ireland

Here’s how re-treading lorry and truck tyres can help your business

Cost of Tyres
Casings are 70% of the value in a new tire purchase and Retreads deliver 80% of the mileage of a new tyre
Tyres that would end up in landfills yield thousands more miles and help the environment
Support Local
We are a local, fully licensed re-treader serving businesses throughout Ireland
How re-treading works