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At GC Tyre Services, we special in the providing services for haulage companies and small independent lorry owners.

Services such as wheel alignment, lorry wheel balancing ball joints and Os steering bar replacement can be undertaken by or trained staff in our lorry test centre.

Wheel Balancing

We found that the conventional truck wheel balancers just were not accurate enough for the new trucks of today, so we have installed a truck balancer that balances the wheel on the truck, thus balancing the wheel and hub together, which has been a great success.

Lorry Wheel Alignment

Proper Wheel alignment for today's modern lorries is very important, research has shown that a truck properly aligned can save you approximately 5% on fuel costs, also reduce tyre wear by nearly 50%. To over come any problems with wheel alignments, will use a Haweka truck camera wheel alignment system, wheel provides the operator with a detailed print out before and after, of camber and toe readings for both truck and trailer if required.

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